Boiler Servicing in Nantwich

boiler servicing in nantwichAre you needing boiler servicing in Nantwich? or maybe a gas safety check? A Boiler Service is one highly recommended routine job that needs to be booked in annually. Not only is this a great way to make sure that you’re heating remains extremely efficient but also ensures your families safety all year long and increases reliability.

Gas Safe Engineers

All of our engineers are Gas Safe Registered giving you that added peace of mind knowing that your boiler service will be carried out by someone who has the expertise, experience and proper training. We are able to offer gas boiler servicing in Nantwich and the surrounding areas in our region.


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4 Key Steps

When one of our engineers arrives to undertake your boiler service they’ll go through four key steps. These are:




Examine – We will examine every part of your boiler including the Flue and any associated controls. To ensure they are all in working order.


Strip Down

Strip Down – Once the examination has been finished our engineer will then begin to strip down the boiler and clean it thoroughly. Checking all seals on the way to maximise your safety.


Pipe Work


Pipe Work – After the examination is complete and the boiler has been thoroughly cleaned out, we’ll then look to check all of the gas pipe work. This is to make certain that there aren’t any cracks in place to prevent any kind of gas leak.



Certificate – After the service has been performed and the engineer deems your boiler safe, we’ll issue you with a certificate to confirm that your boiler is safe to use.

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If you are considering hiring a local engineer for boiler installation in Nantwich consider Stanley Plumbing Services, contact our team anytime for more information, no obligation advice or a free quotation.

Gas Safety Checks Nantwich

gas safety checks nantwichWe also offer a gas safety check to ensure you and your family members stay safe all year round. This is a legal requirement for anyone who is a Property manager or manages a Housing Association, Local Authority, Hotel, B&B, University, Boarding School or Hostel. If you own or run a Hotel or B&B in Nantwich you have to schedule an annual gas safety check for any gas appliances serving in a guests accommodation even if your guests are not located near to the gas appliance.

boiler servicing nantwichAny gas safety check will be carried out by a registered Gas Safe professional who is competent and has the technical skills to complete the work effectively and to a standard that satisfies requirements.

If you require boiler servicing in Nantwich or gas safety check, then please call Stanley Plumbing Services today.